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As the new coronavirus is under control, foreign tourists can be seen in many parts of the city and inbound demand is higher than ever. Most foreigners say that Japan has beautiful and elegant food, scenery, and culture, and that wagyu beef and sushi are very tasty.
In order to accommodate such inbound foreign tourists,Toshigata Hire business, a new form of passenger transportation that provides transportation from Kansai International Airport to hotels in Osaka City and one-day sightseeing tours of Kyoto and Nara, are becoming increasingly popular. If you are interested in opening an Toshigata Hire business in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo), please contact our office.
This article incorporates the October 31, 2023 relaxation of requirements for Toshigata Hire permits ①parking space requirements and ②rental period requirements.

・Toshigata Hire Permit Japanese Page(都市型ハイヤー許可)
・Toshigata Hire Permit Chinese Page(城市出租汽车许可证)




1.Those who wish to open the Toshigata Hire car business
2.Why Choose Us?
3.Differences between Hire and Taxi
4.What is Toshigata Hire?
5.Cannot start a new Taxi business
6.Increasing number of foreign tourists
7.Areas where Toshigata Hire can be opened (Kansai region)
8.Toshigata Hire Permit Requirements
9.Reference price
10.Procedure Flow


1.Those who wish to open the Toshigata Hire car business.

We are the Gyoseishoshi office specializing in transportation and logistics located in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. We provide licenses and permits for passenger and freight forwarding services mainly in the Kansai region of Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, and Wakayama prefectures, which are under the jurisdiction of the Kinki Unyukyoku.We specialize in negotiations with the Kinki Unyukyoku, so please feel free to contact us if you are considering obtaining an Toshigata Hire license and opening a business.
<Resume of the Representative>
Our representative (Koichi Kusumoto) has over 20 years of experience in logistics-related legal Section at Panasonic's international logistics division and at Panasonic Logistics Co.Ltd.And has worked in Shanghai.
He has a high level of English proficiency and is certified by the International Financial center as an English-speaking lawyer.

・As an English-speaking lawyer Registered on the International Financial center homepage(Japanese)


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2.Why Choose Us?

Why choose us
1.We are the Gyoseishoshi office specializing in transportation business. We are confident in our ability to negotiate with the Unyukyoku, as we deal with the Kinki The application for Toshigata Hire bsiness involves a direct interview with the Kinki Unyukyoku licensing officer (in the case of the Kinki Unyukyoku), and a detailed business plan and sales plan must be drafted and explained. An on-site inspection of the office and garage will also be conducted. (In the case of the Kinki Unyukyoku) Our office will be present at these interviews and site inspections with the Kinki Unyukyoku.
2.Our representative is from the transportation industry and has a broad network of contacts in related companies. We can introduce you to real estate companies, car insurance companies, new and used car dealers, etc., if you have any problems.
3.We do not finish at getting the license, but provide full support after the license is granted. We provide management support for your company's Toshigata Hire business, including roll call procedures, daily driving reports, handling of accidents, reporting to the Transport Bureau, and handling audits.
4.We have special qualifications for on-site sealing, so we can install business license number plates (green number plates) at your company's garage without bringing the vehicle to a vehicle registration office.

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3.Differences between Hire and Taxi

defference TAXI and TOSHIGATA HIRE
Under Article 3 of the Douro Unsou Law, businesses that transport passengers by renting out vehicles with a seating capacity of 10 passengers or less are referred to as general passenger motor vehicle transportation businesses, and Hire and Taxi are legally classified in the same category.
Article 2 of the Hire as a Taxi for which transportation is undertaken only at a business office. Taxi are defined as those other than Hire.
taxi can wait at a sink or Taxi stand to pick up passengers with reservations, while Hire can only pick up passengers who have made reservations at the sales office.
Diffrence Taxi and Hire
Taxi are required to have an "andon" (company name indicator light) on the top of the vehicle, which must be turned on when the vehicle is unoccupied and turned off when it is running for pickup. This is to make it easier for customers to tell whether a cab is running on a streetcar service or not. Since the use of a taxi in a car Hire service is prohibited, most car Hire services do not have company name indicator lights installed.
indicator light

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4.What is Toshigata Hire?

Toshigata Hire is a new system created in 2014 (Heisei 26), and refers to a fully booked Hire car used for sightseeing and business use by foreigners in sightseeing areas, etc., and for transportation from kansai airport to city hotels.
Toshigata Hire is rented out for a day for sightseeing in Kyoto, or for half a day to inspect an industrial park. The location of boarding and alighting points, fares, and other details are all determined at the time of contract.
There are two types of hire cars: Toshigata Hire and Other Hire.
The difference between Toshigata Hire and Other Hire is that Toshigata Hire can only operate in urban areas, while Other Hire can operate in any area.
However, Osaka Prefecture does not allow the opening of other new Other Hire business in the same way as Taxi business.Toshigata Hire have a minimum charter time of 2 hours.
Diffrence Toshigata Hire and Other Hire

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5.Cannot start a new Taxi business

impossibe taxi business
In 2002, the Road Transport Law was revised to abolish regulations regulating the supply-demand balance in the taxi business, and the licensing system was replaced by a permit system. Subsequently, the number of Taxi increased too much, and restrictions on new businesses began again in 2009. Currently, no new Taxi business can be opened in Osaka Prefecture. If you want to start a passenger transportation business, you have a choice to start a new business in Toshigata Hire.

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6.Increasing number of foreign tourists

When a foreign tourist leaves their hotel in Osaka, visit Kinkakuji Temple and Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, eats Yudofu at Nanzenji Temple, and then returns to their hotel, it is difficult to use a taxi for distance-based transportation between locations. Toshigata Hire service, which is rented on a time basis, is by far the most convenient.
Even in the case of a foreign businessman visiting Shiga Prefecture to inspect a new business venture and then meeting with a company in Kyoto City, renting the Toshigata Hire for a day is more convenient than taking a train and a Taxi.
In other countries, it is commonplace to rent out a hired car for a day to provide services ranging from airport pickup and drop-off to sightseeing and hotel transfers. Toshigata Hire business model will become commonplace in Japan as the number of foreign tourists increases.

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7.Areas where Toshigata Hire can be opened (Kansai region)

Toshigata Hire can only be opened in urban areas. In the Kansai region, it is allowed only in the cities of the Osaka Kotsuken, Hokusetsu Kotsuken, and Kahoku Kotsuken in Osaka Prefecture, the cities of the Kyoto Kotsuken in Kyoto Prefecture, and the cities of the Kobe kotsuken, Higashi Harima kotsuken, and Himeji and Nishi Harima kotsuken in Hyogo Prefecture.
Toshigata Hire cannot be opened in Nara, Shiga, and Wakayama Prefectures.
See table below for specific cities.
Area Toshigata Hire



8.Toshigata Hire Permit Requirements

permit requirement

8ー①.Garage and Office Permit Requirements

8ー①-1.Garage Permit Requirements

Authority to use the space for more than one year must be clearly stated in the contract, there must be no conflict with related laws and regulations,and Garage must be in the same location as the office.
If not in the same location, the distance between the two points of business and the garage must be within 2km.
We will advise you individually on detailed requirements such as frontage road requirements and garage size requirements.
※The requirements for garages were changed by the amendment of the law on October 31, 2023.

8ー①-2.Office Permit Requirements

The lease term must be at least one year, and the property must be in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. We will advise you individually on detailed requirements such as Building, fire, agricultural and other laws.
※The requirements for garages were rented period by the amendment of the law on October 31, 2023.

8ー①-3.Resting and Sleeping Facilities

Resting and Sleeping Facilities are in the same location as the office or garage.Air conditioning, electrical facilities, and running water are provided.

8ー②.Vehicle Requirements

Osaka Kotsuken,Kyoto Kotsuken and Kobe Kotsuken require 10 cars and other areas require at least 5 cars. Other detailed requirements will be advised individually.
Vihicle requirement
※There are various restrictions on the vehicles that can be used for Toshigata Hire, so please consult with us in advance.If you purchase a vehicle ahead of time and it is not usable as a Toshigata Hire, you will be in big trouble. Please be sure to purchase a vehicle in cooperation with our office.

8ー③.Personnel Requirements

8ー③-1.Number of drivers

1.4 drivers per vehicle, including alternates, are required for a one-man per vehicle system.Minimum of 14 drivers are required for a minimum of 10 vehicles kotsuken with a Class II license.Minimum of 7 drivers are required for a minimum of 5 vehicles kotsuken with a Class II license.
In Osaka Kotsuken, a minimum of 14 drivers is required, but we can suggest a way to start the Toshigata Hire business with 10 drivers.

8ー③-2.Unko Kanrisha(passenger transport)

At least one nationally certified Unko Kanrisha(passenger transport)is required.The examinations are held twice a year, in March and August.If you are taking the Unko Kanrisha examination and have no work experience, you must attend 16 hours of Kiso Koshu.There are two types of Unko Kanrisha examinations, kamotsu and ryokyaku, but you must take the ryokyaku examination.The Unko Kanrisha cannot be a driver.One person other than the driver must be assigned.

8ー③-3.Seibi Kanrisha

One Seibi Kanrisha is required to be assigned.We will assign a qualified Seibishi or a person with at least 2 years of work experience.

8ー③-4.Shido Shuninsha

Assign one Shido Shuninsha whose role is to guide and supervise the drivers.

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9.Reference price

We focuses on consulting to help your company open the Toshigata Hire business in the shortest possible time. In addition to preparing application documents, we also work with real estate companies to select garages, automobile insurance companies to propose the most appropriate voluntary insurance, and used car sales companies to select vehicles, all of which support costs are included in the quoted price.
②Of course, the quoted price includes the pre-licensing price. In addition, all procedures necessary to open the Toshigata Hire business after obtaining a license, such as the appointment of an Unko kanrisha and Seibi kanrisha, application for fare approval, and notification of the start of business, are also included, so there are no additional fees after that.
One-on-one individual study sessions(included in the course fee) are held to explain past examinations and prepare for legal examinations.
④We will be present during on-site check of garages and office by Unyukyoku officer.
⑤After obtaining a license, we provide consulting services related to Toshigata Hire operation in the city, including roll call procedures, daily driving reports, accident handling, accident reporting to the Transport Bureau, handling Transport Bureau audits in advance, and being present on the day of the audit. (Separate fees will be charged).
⑥ You can ask questions and inquire about progress using the add friend function on LINE. The response time is quicker than an e-mail inquiry, and even minor problems can be resolved more easily and quickly than a phone call.

LINE Add Friend

<If there are 5 or 10 vehicles in the application and only one office>

ITEM PRICE(Not including consumption tax) Remarks
Toshigata Hire Application Fee 600,000yen When applying in Osaka, Kyoto or Hyogo Prefecture

※Additional fees will be charged for applications outside Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo Prefectures.

TAX 30,000yen Payment upon permitting

<optional fee>
There is no need to bring your vehicle to the Department of Transportation. We will replace the license plate at your garage.

ITEMS PRICE(Not including consumption tax) Remarks
Fee for switching to business number (green number) 80,000yen 10 vehicle add 8,000yen/vehicle
number plate 14,500yan including tax、@1,450yenx10 vehicle

※Additional fees will be charged for name change and address change at the same time.

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10.Procedure Flow

procedure flow

Inquiry please feel free to contact us by using the contact form below.
contact form in english


Meeting We will confirm the details of your requirements and share the timeline for permitting.

(Our office or Teams、Zoom available)

Quotation・Agreemnet After meeting with you, we will prepare a written Quotation. Please sign the Agreemnet after you are satisfied.
all price include
Preparation of application ①Selection of office and garage

②Hire the Unko Kanrisha,Seibi Kanrisha and drivers

③Prepare the necessary funds

Submit application We will prepare and submit Toshigata Hire Permit application.
Meeting and check the office and garage Unyukyoku official checks the offce and garage.

※We will be present for the check of office and garage with the unyukyoku officer.

Take the exam President takes the Toshigata Hire Legal Exam
Submit certificates of bank deposit balance Submit certificates of bank deposit balance certificates twice, as of the Unyukyoku requested date
Permit Permit and payment of Tax(30,000JPyen)
10 Submission of a list of names Submission of a list of names Unko kanrisha,Seibi kanrisha and drivers
11 Enrollment in social insurance Enrollment in employee pension, health insurance, unemployment insurance, and workers' compensation insurance
12 Business Registration of Vehicles Register the vehicle with a business license plate number.(Green Number)
13 Submission of regulations of various terms Submission of fares and terms and conditions
14 Business start paper Start Toshigata Hire business


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If you have any questions or concerns about opening the new Toshigata Hire business, please feel free to contact us by using the contact form below.
①We would like to hear more about applying for a permit of Toshigata Hire.
②We would like to confirm whether the Hoshigata Hire permit can be obtained under the current plan.
③We would like to obtain a permit immediately, but what is the schedule for obtaining a permit?
④How much money is needed for preparation, etc.

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contact form in english

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